lcp_logoNamed after the Monkey King Louie and the composer John Cage, this percussion group consists of six talented young musicians in their twenties. They are some of the youngest members of renowned Austrian orchestras including the Vienna Volksoper, the Lower Austria Tonkuenstler Orchestra and the Graz Opera and play all repertoires of classical music. Besides their studies of classical music, they have always been interested in jazz, rock and electronic music and have played in various bands and broadened their knowledge of various musical genres.

After listening to many percussion ensembles they decided to do something different, something the general audience of common percussion ensembles had not yet experienced.

In 2013 LCP was finally established and the young artists started to work on a very challenging task: They wanted to combine acting, writing and playing music at the highest level and unite all of the music they were surrounded with every day from big opera and symphonic orchestra music, to film music, jazz and electronic music like dubstep and drum’n bass underpinned with a lot of electronic instruments and effects.


Sebastian Brugner | Dominic FeichtingerKrištof HrastnikFlorian Klinger | Joachim Murnig | Lucas Salaun