Dominic Feichtinger


Dominic Feichtinger was born in 1991 Vienna into a very musical family. After receiving early musical education he began his first drumming tuition with Maria Jenner and piano tuition with his father Robert Feichtinger. At the age of 14 he started at the Franz Schmidt Music School in Perchtoldsdorf, still studying with Maria Jenner. During this time he won various prizes including the County and National prizes of the “Prima La Musica” contest for Percussion Solo, Percussion Ensemble and Ensemble for Contemporary Music. After the Music School he enrolled at the Vienna Konservatorium University where he studied percussion with Leonhard Schmidinger, Anton Mittermayr, Nebojsa Zivkovic and Anton Mühlhofer. Between 2012 and 2014 he worked as percussionist at the Vienna Volksoper and in 2015 as percussionist and timpanist at the Graz Philharmonic Orchestra. He toured with various orchestras to China, Japan, South Korea, France, Switzerland and Hungary. He plays regularly for the Vienna Philharmonic, Vienna Symphonics, the Vienna Volksoper Symphonic Orchestra, the Viennese Chamber Orchestra, the Viennese Opernball Orchestra, and is also a member of various ensembles such as Feichtinger&Feichinger (organ&percussion) and the Vienna Volksoper Big Band. He has also participated at the Angelika-Prokopp Summer Academy of the Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra during which he also played at the Salzburg Festival in 2013. He also took part in the international choir workshop at Schloss Weinberg and is one of the founder members of Louie’s Cage Percussion Ensemble.



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